SPX Dock Products has unleashed the latest innovation in loading dock productivity and safety. For years, warehousing operations have been asking for a better solution for their loading dock needs than edge-of-dock levelers, portable plates and many types of mechanical pit-styled dock levelers can provide.

LoadHog is a modular dock bridge designed to span the gap between the warehouse and the trailer that mounts to the warehouse floor using only four heavy-duty anchor bolts and requires no concrete work. The bumper block assembly attaches to the face of the dock with four anchors per bumper. NO PIT - NO POUR - NO PROBLEM!!!

LoadHog is easy to install, easy to operate, provides superior environmental control, superior sanitary and rodent control, improves loss prevention and provides a lower total cost of ownership than conventional solutions.

Like installation, activating the LoadHog is also simple and easy. Once the trailer is positioned and the dock door is raised, the dockworker simply steps on the release pedal, gently pushes the deck forward, and LoadHog descends slowly into the trailer. Once loading or unloading is complete, the dockworker pivots the operating handle and raises the deck to its stored and locked position. LoadHog only requires approximately 38 lbs. of lifting force to store.

Models are available in 6’ and 7’ widths and one standard length. The deck length, combined with the lip and bumpers, allows access to a large range of trailers including refrigerated and container trucks. LoadHog's unique arc design and raised side housings provides structural integrity that can withstand forklift traffic and heavy loads. The 17" pre-ramp allows smooth transition from the warehouse floor to the deck and is easily replaceable should it ever be damaged.

With travel of 8" above and 8" below dock level, LoadHog provides a large working range and the percentage of grade permits use with a wide array of material handling equipment. End-loading is accomplished by simply removing the operating handle and re-positioning the lip. The dockworker then steps on the release pedal, gently pushes forward and LoadHog descends slowly into position.

LoadHog stores inside the warehouse and allows the dock door to close tight against the floor, minimizing energy loss and the threat of employee theft. No concrete pit means no sanitary issues related to debris or rodents. Also…LoadHog provides greater protection against accidental forklift run-off.

Safe - Easy to Operate - Easy to Install - No dollars spent on concrete work. LoadHog is Powerfully Simple.

For more information about LoadHog, contact SPX Dock Products at [email protected] or 1-866-696-2464. www.spxdockproducts.com

Please send inquiries to:
Michael Brittingham
([email protected])
Phone (866)-696-2464
SPX Dock Products
1612 Hutton Drive, Suite 140,
Carrollton, TX 75006

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