Loading Automation, Inc. and Joloda/Hydraroll Ltd. Acquire Advanced Handling Systems

Loading Automation, Inc. (Wilmington, N.C.), a supplier of automated trailer loading systems, has acquired Advanced Handling Systems (AHS), a division of Morgan Truck Body, LLC (previously Morgan Corp.), creating a strategic alliance between the two companies.

Loading Automation, Inc. is a material handling systems integration company, specializing in automated trailer lLoading systems (ATLS). Along with Joloda International Ltd., the worldwide manufacturer of Joloda and Hydraroll brand truck and dockside automation solutions, Loading Automation's custom-engineered conveyor systems are used by Fortune 100 companies worldwide to automate the shipping and receiving processes at the dock, enabling a highly cost-effective and competitive advantage. The material handling systems offered by Loading Automation Inc. are designed to handle a wide variety of products including ULD airfreight containers, slip-sheeted or palletized loads, bulk product loads, and special-application component parts, such as tire and wheel assemblies for just-in-time delivery to automotive plants.

Loading Automation, Inc. will supply the Morgan Truck Body distributor network with Hydraroll's pneumatic retractable rollerbed systems, and their staff will continue to work with the Morgan sales division to develop new and innovative vehicle loading and dock automation advancements for the transportation industry.

Wade Shanklin, president of Loading Automation, Inc. and a pioneer in the automated truck loading industry, is looking forward to the partnership that has formed between Loading Automation, Inc. and Morgan Truck Body, LLC. "Both companies are true leaders in transportation and logistics, and this new phase of our long-standing alliance will benefit each of our companies, and the clients we serve."

Source: Loading Automation, Inc.

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