Loading Dock Leveler

Loading Dock Leveler

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Rite-Hite Corporation’s line of loading dock levelers is specifically designed to minimize the potential for chronic personal injuries at the loading dock resulting from dock shock. The line of hydraulic, air-powered and mechanical levelers is also engineered to improve dock productivity and reduce dock equipment lifetime ownership costs.

Rite-Hite coined the term dock shock to describe jarring that occurs when a lift truck (stand-up walkie or forklift) crosses between the warehouse floor and the trailer bed due to the bumps and gaps that exist on traditional dock levelers. Dock shock is a source of vibration, which is known to pose a serious health safety risk. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) and intermittent vibration are growing concerns worldwide.

Originally introduced in spring 2005, the levelers feature a specially designed rear hinge to create a smooth transition between the warehouse floor and the leveler. Two-point crown control also provides a smooth transition from the leveler to the truck bed. Rite-Hite levelers reduce dock shock by 50 percent when compared with standard levelers under the same conditions.

More information about the Rite-Hite levelers and the dock shock issue can be found at www.ritehite.com.

Send inquires to Rite-Hite Corporation, 8900 North Arbon Drive, Milwaukee, WI, 53223; e-mail: [email protected]

For more information, call us at 1-800-456-0600, or visit our website at www.ritehite.com.

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