Cleveland-based Kinetic Technologies, Inc., designer / manufacturer of Forklift Free material handling equipment and accessories has launched a new LOBOY™ ultra-low ground clearance drum cart. Low center of gravity design allows safe towing without tipping. This 100% welded cart features rounded corners and smoothed edges, built-in 11 gallon capacity overflow “pig”, tubular steel drum support with easy access for drum loading devices and durable safety yellow powder paint finish. Special wheels provide low push / pull forces for easy manual moving. A no bend towing system features spring-loaded, self-stowing towbar, frame recessed auto-hitch and auto-release floor lock.

K-Tec designs other ergo-support products such as lifts and conveyors providing integrated forklift free system solutions.

For further information, visit www.KtecInc.com

1350 Rockefeller Road
Wickliffe, OH 44092
PHONE: 440-943-4111
FAX: 440-943-4777
E-mail: [email protected]

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