Local Positioning System (LPS)

Local Positioning System (LPS)

Sky-Trax™ Local Positioning System (LPS) is a new patent-pending technology that solves one of the most stubborn and persistent problems in warehousing and material tracking – how to track the location of goods when locations can’t be easily marked or labeled. Sky-Trax provides solutions for position tracking of storage units and vehicles in open warehouse areas, floor storage areas, docks, and staging areas. Sky-Trax works like GPS, but it is unaffected by radio interference, steel or concrete.

Designed specifically to work with any fork truck or materials handling vehicle in any type of warehouse or facility, Sky-Trax LPS enables you to track the movement of materials and resources in open and unstructured areas with positional accuracies better than +/- 30mm. The complete Sky-Trax LPS system can be installed in hours by unskilled mechanics and started up with minimal to no disruption to warehouse operations.

The LPS module is mounted on any fork truck and can accurately track the vehicle’s position and angular position in real time from the overhead Sky-Marx PRS.

For complete information on Sky-Trax or to inquire about distributor opportunities, contact Larry Mahan, General Manager Supply Chain Development by email at [email protected].

Sky-Trax, Inc.
Suite 560 People’s Plaza
Newark, DE 19702
1-866-927-4927 (toll-free)
e-mail: [email protected]
web: www.Sky-Trax.com

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