Location Tracking for Trucks

Location Tracking for Trucks

Roadnet Technologies Inc.’s Geotuning is configured as a combination of processes that captures large pools of street addresses, geocodes them, and then systematically refines the geocodes using both automatic and manual methodology. The direct benefit and result to fleet operators is expansion of the arrival/departure zone at each delivery and service location, which places less direct responsibility on the drivers and mobile workers. This, in turn, improves overall accuracy and productivity performances, while saving energy resources.

The automatic system identifies exactly where the product is scheduled to be delivered, or the service to be performed. An analyzer analyzes geocodes for both cancelled stops and completed stops within a user-configurable distance, and the user can review stops relative to locations and GPS pings to fine-tune the geocode or arrival/departure radius.

The system goes beyond the street address to identify the location of the specific loading dock or door the driver will use and takes into account that not all addresses are accurate or updated.

Roadnet Technologies

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