Locker Latching System

Vandalism and theft involving storage locker break-ins are increasingly serious problems for schools, businesses and industry. Lyon Workspace Products has developed a new, patent pending locker latching system that utilizes nano (miniature) roller technology to provide up to ten times the resistance to break-ins compared to existing locker latching systems. (In this case, “resistance” is measured as the pounds of force required to pull a locker door open in a variety of laboratory tests simulating real life.)

The actual nano roller is made of powdered metal - the same high tech metal used in automotive transmission gears – for unmatched resistance to wear. A nationally known testing organization has tested the new locking system to 35,000 cycles, which means it will last for decades.

Further, a new nylon lockbar guide ensures proper lockbar alignment for smooth operation, while reducing overall noise by eliminating metal-to-metal contact.

Lyon Workspace Products, an ISO 9001 registered firm, is the nation's leading manufacturer of storage and related workspace products, and maintains the largest inventory of finished goods in the industry. Call 1-800-323-0096, Fax 630-892-5747 or write:

Lyon Workspace Products
P. O. Box 671
Aurora, IL 60507

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