Log Temperature and Humidity

Log Temperature and Humidity

CAS DataLoggerspartnered with Lascar Electronics to offer the WiFi Temperature & Humidity Data Logging Sensor with WiFi capability and integrated display. The easily programmable wireless solution is suited to temperature and humidity monitoring in any field, including food and pharmacy storage, refrigerator and freezer monitoring, warehousing, recording on factory and museum floors, and more. Features include direct-to-USB connection and user-friendly functionality to record temperature from -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F). It wirelessly transmits its data via WiFi network to a PC where it can be viewed using a free software package. Connect the sensor to a PC for initial setup, choose the preferred WiFi network, sample and upload rates, and set alarm levels. Alarm breaches are instantly registered on both the display and the PC screen by audible alert and visual indication.

CAS Data Loggers

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