The Logistics Institute Offers Webinar Series

The Logistics Institute ( at Georgia Tech (TLI) prepares for the 2nd offering of its popular Fridays with Frazelle Webinar Series. Developed by Edward H. Frazelle, PhD., one of the world’s top logistics experts, this series of online seminars is made up of 12 live, online, interactive webinars covering key principles in logistics and supply chain strategy.

The 2004-2005 webinar schedule is:

• The Role of Logistics in Business and Supply Chain Management, September 10, 2004;

• Logistics Activity Profiling and Data Mining, October 8, 2004;

• Logistics Performance, Cost, and Value Measures, November 5, 2004;

• Customer Response, December 3, 2004;

• Inventory Planning and Management, January 21, 2005;

• Supply Management, January 28, 2005;

• Transportation and Distribution, February 4, 2005;

• World-Class Warehousing, February 11, 2005;

• Logistics Information Systems, February 25, 2004;

• Logistics Organization, Design, and Development, April 1, 2005;

• Global Logistics, April 15, 2005;

• Logistics Megatrends, May 13, 2005.

The cost of each webinar is $300 per two-hour session (11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. EST). For those interested in pre-registering for the entire series, there is a discounted rate available of $2,900. By pre-registering and participating in all 12 webinars, participants will receive credit for the World-Class Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy course, taught as part of the Logistics Management Series (LMS). For further information about LMS, see

For more information about the Fridays with Frazelle webinar series, visit or contact Tammy Artosky at [email protected] or 404-894-1713.

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