LogistXGames to be held September 30

To help local and regional companies build employee pride, establish teamwork principles and reinforce industry safety standards, The Global LogistXGames will take place Friday, September 30, in Louisville, Kentucky. Twelve teams are slated to participate from four different cities: Louisville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Atlanta.

The LogistXGames began in Louisville in 2007 and in 2010, the Games expanded to Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Top teams from Cincinnati and Indianapolis came to Louisville to compete against Louisville’s top teams in the first Global LogistXGames in 2010. In 2011, the Games expanded to another major market: Atlanta. The qualifying rounds in each of the four cities are taking place this summer.

The teams currently scheduled to participate are:

Louisville Winners
1 Clark Material Handling
2 Houston Johnson Industries
3 Best Buy/Geek Squad

Indianapolis Winners
1 Fastenal
3 Belkin

Cincinnati Winners
1 Verst Group Logistics
2 JTM Food Group
3 NFI Industries

Atlanta Winners
1 Fastenal
3 Nordic Cold
The Games include four events:

The Pallet Puzzle Sprint
A team of three will assemble and place 32 different-sized boxes on a pallet. The team with the quickest assembly and stacking time wins.

Pallet Jack Relay
Using a pallet jack, the 3-person teams run their pallet through an obstacle course. Teams must complete the obstacle course with all boxes on the pallet.

Pick Pack Hurdle
The same 3-person teams then move their boxes from their pallet to a warehouse racking system while memorizing both positions and SKU’s.

Box Put
Teams will have packed one box, during the Pallet Puzzle Sprint, with bottled Kentucky spirits using provided packing material. One team member will then throw the box for distance without breaking the contents.

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