Long-Lasting Conveyor Idlers

Long-Lasting Conveyor Idlers

Elite Roller Manufacturing’s steel can trough and return idlers include two tapered roller bearings in each hub (4 per idler) for longer service life. The manufacturer claims a service life three times longer than traditional two-bearing designs. Made with universal shafts, these products fit any manufacturer’s brackets, making them applicable in any material handling environment where conveyors and rollers are used. The Elite design allows the re-use of the axle assembly, yielding a significant savings over replacing entire idler assemblies. Because there is no welding on the idler assembly, any damaged parts can be replaced quickly. Rollers are available in 5”, 6” and 7” diameters with standard shell thickness of 3/16” and ¼”. Standard rollers include ¾” bearings, while heavy duty rollers are equipped with 1 ¼” bearings.

Elite Roller Manufacturing

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