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Long-lasting lighting

Long-lasting lighting

Banner Engineering Corp.’s WLS28 Work Light Strip is a low-profile, energy-efficient lighting solution for industrial control cabinets and work cells. The WLS28 is a solid-state LED work light intended to provide bright, long-lasting illumination inside enclosures and other areas with poor lighting conditions.

The WLS28 Work Light Strip consumes a minimal footprint in areas where space is at a premium. Models are available in various lengths from 145mm (5.7") to 1130mm (44.5"), all of which share the same narrow width of 28mm (1.1").
It delivers an even pattern of light without creating shadows—enabling operators to work in poorly lit areas with ease.

Consuming very little power—less than 9 watts per foot—the WLS28 provides 50,000 hours of continuous operation with minimal degradation of intensity. In applications where multiple lights are required, WLS28 models can be cascaded end-to-end, minimizing wiring and potentially reducing costs. Swivel mounting brackets are included to increase installation flexibility, allowing users to pivot the light 45° in either direction.

The WLS28 Work Light Strip is available in cabled and quick-disconnect models, as well as standalone and cascadable models.

Banner Engineering

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