Low-Maintenance Shrink Wrapper

Low-Maintenance Shrink Wrapper

Standard-Knapp’s continuous motion 596S Continuum Shrink Wrapper handles PET, glass, and metal containers in food, beverage, and household industry applications. Engineered with single roll lap seal technology, the 596S is a low-maintenance alternative to shrink wrappers with traditional mechanical seal bars. It utilizes servo motion to adjust speed easily according to product flow, maintaining a continuous motion with speeds of up to 80 trays per minute.

It features a PLC control system, with operator interfaces for both the tray and shrink functions, as well as a smaller interface at the shrink cut to assist in set-up. Precise film cutting is done with a simple rotating blade and is controlled by a servo system. The dual film reel holder contains a spare roll that is easily accessible for fast film reloading.


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