Low-profile conveyor

Rigid one-piece steel frame allows cantilever-style construction with single side support to enable quick belt change on open side without removing conveyor or stand mounts

July 2006— Conveyor Technologies will demonstrate a unique "open side" low-profile conveyor stand at Pack Expo 2006, providing the fastest belt change in the industry – two minutes or less on small to medium-size conveyors. On large conveyors, the quick-change design allows 95% or better time savings. The innovative design can save 45 minutes to two hours in downtime on belt changes compared to a conventional stand mounting, along with avoiding thousands of dollars in lost production on an unplanned change. The system also permits “open” tiered mounting of multiple conveyors up to 12” wide.

The quick-change configuration, utilizing the high strength and rigidity of Conveyor Technologies' steel conveyor frame and mount, allows cantilever-style mounting to just one side of the stand, eliminating obstructions to slide-off/slide-on belt removal and installation. The conveyor does not have to be disassembled from the stand for belt change, as with conventional units. The tail pulley mounting permits rapid de-tensioning to free the belt for removal. Side rails with brackets remove in seconds with Conveyor Technologies' optional quick-set knobs.

The cantilever stand is designed to support full conveyor capacity on widths of 12” or less. For larger conveyors and loads, the company offers supplemental swing-away supports connecting frame to leg. Simply loosening two bolts allows the support to swing down, giving open access to the belt.

Engineered for flexible, high-uptime production, Conveyor Technologies' low-profile conveyors are ideal for automation of work cells, packaging machines, automation, assembly, and similar operations. A broad selection of modular low-profile conveyor designs enables close application-tailoring at standard unit economies. Line choices include end-drive, center-drive, cleated, magnetic, vacuum, high temperature, high speed, self tracking, AccuMove precision indexing, Accu-Vision (back-lit) and Multi-Flex variable shape conveyors. The 2-minute belt change can also be viewed in streaming video on the company's web site: www.conveyortechltd.com.

For additional information, contact Conveyor Technologies Ltd. Tel: 513-248-0663. Fax: 513-248-0685. E-mail: [email protected]. Internet: www.conveyortechltd.com

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