Lowry Computer Products Joins the EPCglobal Organization

BRIGHTON, MI - Lowry Computer Products, Inc., a leading provider of RFID, wireless, bar code and data collection solutions, announced that it has joined the EPCglobal Organization as a Solution Partner. EPCglobal is a joint venture between EAN International and the Uniform Code Council (UCC), formed to promote the global adoption and implementation of the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Network across all industry sectors.

"As an EPCglobal Solution Partner, Lowry will have access to training and education on implementing the EPC and the EPC Network, access to certification and compliance testing, and access to assignment and maintenance of EPC Manager numbers," said Brooke Peterson, Director of Business Development for EPCglobal US.

The EPC Network is an enabling technology intended to transform the global supply chain through a new, open global standard for real-time, automatic identification of items in the supply chain of any company, in any industry, and anywhere in the world.

"Lowry's success is built upon our ability to understand the impact of innovative technologies and position ourselves in the forefront," said Mike Lowry, CEO of Lowry Computer Products, Inc. "For thirty years we've focused on bar code and wireless solutions, and the EPC Network is a natural progression of these technologies. We're very pleased to join EPCglobal and contribute to the advancement of EPC technology."

Lowry Computer Products, Inc. is a leading provider of RFID, wireless, bar code, and data collection solutions. Lowry offers customers EPC-compliant case/pallet supply chain solutions, EPC-compliant 'smart' labels, automated labeling systems, EPC readers, EPC encoding and printing systems, complete installation services, on-site repair and 24x7 nationwide support. For more information or to locate one of Lowry's nationwide offices or service centers, call 800-733-0210 or visit www.lowrycomputer.com.

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