PLYMOUTH, MN, USA — Primera Technology, Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialty printers, today announced its LX200 Label Printer.

LX200 utilizes the latest in monochrome high-speed inkjet printing technology. With 1200 dpi print resolution, the printer has almost six times as many dots per inch as most thermal transfer bar code printers. It prints onto labels, tickets, tags and coupons for a wide range of applications, including those in which higher levels of security, confidentiality and durability are required.

Unlike thermal transfer printers, LX200 uses an inkjet print head instead of ribbons. Thermal transfer ribbons leave behind a record of everything that has been printed. In many applications such as healthcare or government, secure collection and disposal of ribbons is required in order to meet confidentiality and secrecy requirements. Inkjet printing doesn't have this challenge and thus can be a far more secure, convenient and cost-effective solution.

LX200 is shipped with label creation layout software called NiceLabel® SE for Primera. All popular bar codes are supported, including linear and, optionally, 2D bar codes such as PDF417. Fonts as small as 2 points are highly legible and perfectly formed.

An additional benefit of LX200 is that ink replenishment is fast and easy: instead of threading a ribbon, just snap out the used printhead and snap in a new one.

"For almost two decades, thermal transfer printers have dominated the bar code printer market,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera's vice president of sales and marketing. "But now, our new inkjet-based LX200 is available. For many applications it's a better choice. Inkjet printing has been accepted for virtually all other mainstream applications. With its high-resolution, photo-quality printing, fast print speeds and virtually 100% scannable bar codes, there's every reason why inkjet printing should be a part of this market, too.”

Both pigmented and dye-based black inks are available. Pigmented ink works best with plain, uncoated papers for the most economical cost-per-label. Dye-based ink requires glossy, coated paper that costs more but produces the best print quality – important if printing high-resolution photos and 2D bar codes.

LX200 is priced at US$895 (MSRP). Dye and pigment ink cartridges are priced at US$47.95 (MSRP). The printer is available now from Primera's resellers and distributors in over 85 countries as well as at www.primerastore.com.

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