LXE Announces That Sybase iAnywhere Earns RFID Integration Partner Certification

Sybase iAnywhere software now supports LXE lift truck-mounted RFID readers, which will allow users to develop, deploy and manage mobile RFID warehouse applications. The software integration further benefits users by providing an infrastructure that integrates business logic and processes with a variety of automatic data collection and sensor technologies.

Sybase iAnywhere is now a LXE Inc. (Atlanta) certified RFID Integration Partner. The objective of the LXE RFID Integration Partner Certification program is to develop partners that are qualified to provide integrated solutions that use LXE rugged mobile RFID readers and Spire RX antennas to RFID-enable warehouse operations.

Operations that can be RFID-enabled with RFID Anywhere and the RX2 rugged vehicle-mounted RFID reader include shipping, receiving, pallet-picking and pallet put-aways. With RFID Anywhere and LXE’s RX2 RFID reader, users will see:

  • Increased check-in speed & accuracy.
  • Faster, more accurate put-aways & full pallet picks.
  • Quicker, more accurate order staging.

Source: LXE Inc.

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