MAC Rack Cases

Designed for safety, security, and efficiency, MAC Racks provide maximum protection in a minimum of space. They’re easy to transport and quick to deploy, effectively sheltering delicate equipment from vibration, moisture, and impact
while allowing for ready access at a moment’s notice. With a MAC Rack, your critical gear is out of harm’s and within easy reach.

And now, the best just got better.

Hardigg’s new MAC Rack cases can handle twice the payload in the same space-efficient container. Providing uncompromising protection but with double the load-bearing capacity, MAC Racks are perfect for semi-rugged equipment that requires good shock and vibration protection in a light, compact case. They are ideal for gear weighing 20-200 lbs. and a fragility between 50-80 G’s. Typical applications include:
• Control consoles and panels
• Radar and microwave antennas
• Solid-state circuit electronics
• Radio, TV and communications equipment

When you need powerful protection and unmatched versatility, don’t just pack your gear, MAC it.

For more than 50 years, Hardigg Cases has been designing transport systems to protect sensitive equipment under the most severe conditions imaginable. When it comes to safeguarding your gear from the effects of impact, extreme
temperature, water, shock and vibration—even exposure to chemicals and decontamination solutions—nothing outperforms a Hardigg case. To learn more about the most intelligent transport systems on the planet, visit,, or call us at 1-800-542-7344.

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