Machine Vision Inspection

Machine Vision Inspection

Cognex Corporation’s VisionPro 7.0 machine vision software features Inspection Designer, a new concept to simplify development and field maintenance of inspection applications. It is available with 1DMax, a barcode reading tool for omnidirectional and difficult to read one-dimensional barcodes, as well as several new tool and acquisition enhancements.

Image grading allows integrators and end users to easily grade product images and to specify different defect types within each image. This utility creates a library of graded images for the next step of the process: Verification. The verification tool helps developers quickly confirm that the vision system is producing the desired results by comparing the grades of the inspection results with hundreds, or even thousands, of stored and graded images. With Field Maintenance capability, the end user can re-test the inspection tools against the library of graded images to confirm that factory floor adjustments have not compromised a previously working inspection application. It also allows them to add new images to the library of graded parts.

System integrators and their customers now have a common communication tool offering a baseline for defining good and bad parts. This helps ensure integrators and end users are in agreement at the start of a project.

Cognex Corp.

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