MAG 2000

Dallas, TX — ShockWatch, a global leader in developing and manufacturing Damage Prevention products used in a variety of industries and applications, announced today the addition of a date and time stamping feature to their widely accepted MAG 2000 Impact Indicator. This new feature provides evidence of an impact by recording the exact date and time the impact occurred. This product enhancement provides an additional element of control for companies wanting more effective monitoring of their products during the delivery process.

ShockWatch Impact Indicators are devices designed to prevent the mishandling of goods in transit. The MAG 2000 was designed specifically for use in shipments weighing over 400 lbs, and detects impacts in the ½ to 25G range. The units are low-cost, easy to install, tamper-proof, and easy to read. They have a patented, rugged, reusable design and are engineered to withstand extremely harsh conditions wihle still providing reliable and accurate results.

The new time and date stamp feature provides clear information about when the impact occurred so that accountability for any damage can be readily determined. Existing MAG 2000 Impact Indicators can be easily retrofitted with a new lid housing the date and time stamping feature, which is offered as an add-on product enhancement.

The MAG 2000 is part of an extensive array of Shipping & Handling Monitors manufactured by ShockWatch. They are sold around the world and can be found protecting thousands of goods in transport, from medical and electronics equipment to weapons systems and museum artifacts.

ShockWatch specializes in Damage Prevention, offering Shipping & Handling Monitors and Equipment Monitors for use in a variety of industries and applications. ShockWatch products are used to monitor the handling of goods throughout the production and delivery process — as well as the operation, access, and usage of equipment — with the goal of reducing costs by preventing damage. ShockWatch, along with Media Recovery and The Damage Prevention Company, is part of the MRI family of companies. MRI helps customers achieve new levels of efficiency, quality, and safety, and provides products and services to two-thirds of the Fortune 100 and over half of the Fortune 1000 companies.

For more information, contact ShockWatch at 1111 W. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 1050, Dallas TX, 75247; phone (214) 630-9625; fax (214) 638-4512; e-mail: [email protected]; or visit us online at

Contact: Kraig Nunn, Product Manager, Shipping & Handling Monitors
Phone: (214) 630-9625
Email: [email protected]

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