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Make Conferences Work for You

* Do not smoke unless you're speaking with another smoker and are in a room full of smokers.

* If you attend a meeting with a friend or associate, split up. It's a waste of time to talk, walk or sit together.

* If you know nobody, stand in the food or bar line. That way, you'll always have at least two people to talk to-the one in front of you and the one in back of you.

* Don't be afraid to go up to another lost soul, extend your hand, smile and introduce yourself.

* Be happy, enthusiastic and positive. Don't grumble to lament your tough day. People want to do business with a winner, not a whiner.

* Don't butt in. Interrupting can create a bad first impression. Stand close by and when a pause or opening appears, jump in.

* Know when to cut bait-don't hang around someone who is of no possible use to you.

* Move on to the next person.

* Stay until the end. The longer you stay, the more contacts you make.

* After the seminar or conversation, follow up good contacts with a letter or phone call immediately.

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