Maker of Meat Distribution System to Use Kuka Robotic Palletizer

AMF Automation Technologies (AMF, Richmond, Va.) has selected Kuka Robotics Corp. (Clinton Township, Mich.) as its robotics supplier for AMF’s new meat food distribution system. AMF will use the KUKA KR 180 PA palletizing robot in its meat stacking and de-stacking system, which will allow manufacturers to increase throughput and improve working conditions. The KUKA KR 180 PA is a four-axis robot with a 3200 mm reach and capable of handling up to a 180 kg payload.

The new system is designed to process meat products. The robot will stack the products, which are presented to it in food baskets via conveyor. It is also able to de-stack the baskets when they return empty.

Source: Kuka Robotics Corp.

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