Manage Dry Van and Flatbed Fleets

Manage Dry Van and Flatbed Fleets

PAR Logistics Management Systems’ (PAR LMS) DT200 dry van and FT200 flatbed trailer management solutions generate real-time information fleet owners require to quickly optimize the logistics and management of trailers and employees. The result is improved utilization, reduced operational costs and enhanced customer service.

Reporting options include excessive trailer dwell time, geofence arrival and departure notifications, door open and close alerts, yard and trailer pool management, and improved turn-time per location.

Users select their alerts and set the frequency. They can choose to receive regular updates or manage by exception, getting alerts only when status is outside preset limits.

The FT200 flatbed trailer management solution is mounted on the frame rail with a small remote ruggedized antenna on the bulkhead or nose rail. It provides the information fleet operators need to reduce fleet sizes, lower trailer repositioning efforts, cut intermodal chassis write-offs and eliminate manual yard checks.

PAR Logistics Management Systems

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