Manage Your Export Strategy

Manage Your Export Strategy

Management Dynamics’ Export On-Demand 1.2 provides for enhanced compliance screening and management of export licenses. Easily configured and deployed in a SaaS-based model, Export On-Demand can be implemented in a modular fashion without the cost and expense of an on-premise solution.

Export On-Demand allows users to first establish a foundation by managing product compliance and screening parties, then add successive capabilities such as global license management, document generation and filing. It also offers access to regulatory control content for over 100 countries to determine whether licenses are required when exporting from those countries, including U.S. re-export license determination.

Quickly and efficiently develop an Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP), and take advantage of new government programs such as the National Export Initiative (NEI) in the United States. With modular, on-demand deployment capabilities, companies can build a program in phases, and cost-effectively enter new international markets.

Management Dynamics, Inc.

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