Managing Global Deals

DALLAS, There is no driving force greater in today's business world than globalization, and the company that doesn't think and act globally is in real danger of being left behind. That is why Global Deals: Marketing and Managing Across Cultural Frontiers by Michael Hick, now available from Skyward Publishing, is a valuable reference for executives and managers doing business in a world where international borders matter less and less.

Global Deals is a highly readable volume that shows how managers and executives can navigate the complex cross-cultural minefields and establish profitable, long-lasting relationships with their overseas employees, suppliers, and customers.

Hick's career qualifies him as an expert on doing business outside his home turf. As a globe-trotting broker with insurance giant Lloyd's of London, he experienced all the joys and frustrations of handling business in nearly every corner of the world. His experience is reflected in the insight he offers in Global Deals. Hick now owns and operates Global Business Initiatives in Houston, which assists companies worldwide in their international expansion and in training of executives in global management skills.

In Global Deals, Hick examines the world's business cultures and illustrates his points with anecdotes and helpful advice in working with people who don't do business like the Americans or British. He explains, for example, why South Americans are likely to be late for a meeting or why the Japanese won't make a quick decision, and how to avoid the frustration of expecting everyone to do business Western-style.

Hick's goal is to guide the readers of Global Deals toward a global mindset. "A global mindset depends on two vital principles, open-mindedness and inquisitiveness," Hick writes. "It thrives in a transparent, communicating environment and matures in an atmosphere of respect and appreciation for the individual talents and skills of all people. Global mindsets not only appreciate that diversity of cultures exists, but understand why they exist and why people of differing cultures think and act the way they do."

Hick explains why women may be better suited than men to adopting a global mindset, despite the challenges they face trying to do business in highly male-dominated societies. He also offers highly practical advice on topics such as giving presentations in other parts of the world, what to look for in translators, how to deal with bribery issues overseas, and maintaining your personal safety.

Global Deals is available for $21.95 plus shipping and handling at or from Skyward Publishing, and other national book retailers.

Global Deals: Marketing and Managing Across Cultural Frontiers by Michael Hick, Skyward Publishing, 2003, 5½ by 8½ inches, cardstock, 309 pages. $21.95. ISBN # 1-881554-30-9.

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