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Maneuver In-Shop Loads

Maneuver In-Shop Loads

A&H Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. offers the Shop Lift, an economical yet rugged device for carrying up to a 600 lb. payload through most standard doorways and delivering it safely to a machine, storage rack, pallet, loading bay or onto a truck. With a gross weight of 700 lbs. and small footprint measuring 28” wide x 72” high x 61” long, this compact yet powerful device protects workers and loads alike.

Shop Lift is driven by a 12V electric-powered hydraulic pump with built-in battery and charger. It features standard 18” long steel forks with 9” load center, adjustable from 8”-18” wide and with tilting to 15º. It can elevate a load up to 51” off the floor and has a reach-in capacity of 28” forward extension. Pallets, round bar stock, molds, tooling, crates, heavy workpieces, even sensitive electronic or medical equipment, can be transported safely and easily by one operator using the onboard pendant control. The hydraulics are rated to 1200 lbs. and the heavy-duty steel structure remains rigid, while riding quietly on molded polyurethane or cast steel 8” diameter wheels with foot-engaged floor lock. It has a tight turning circle of 67”.

A&H Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.

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