Brampton, Ontario - Blue Giant introduces Mantis, a new line of 25,000- to 40,000-pound capacity dock levelers with hydraulic or mechanical activation to meet the needs and preferences of mid- to high-volume shippers.

The Mantis Series mechanical dock levelers feature a simple walk-down operation that requires only three pounds of pull on a release chain and less than 90 pounds of weight on the deck to walk it down into place.

The Mantis Series hydraulic dock levelers use a single pushbutton activation for both the deck and lip that can be conveniently located on one remote, wall-mounted control station.

"The Mantis line of dock levelers includes the latest, most advanced features of any of our levelers," reports Steve Greco, Director, Sales and Marketing. "We offer them in both mechanical and hydraulic versions to meet the specific preferences and applications of our customers."

Common features include a yieldable lip designed to absorb shocks from backing in trailers, full-operating-range toe guards; flush-mount, full-width rear hinge; V-grooved maintenance stand to support both the deck and lip; and fall safe devices to prevent the platform from free- if a truck departs prematurely while the dock is loaded.

Mantis docks are available in widths of 6, 6.5, and 7 feet and lengths of 6, 8, and 10 feet. Working range is 12 inches above to 12 inches below dock level. Lip extensions of 16 (standard), 18, and 20 inches are available. Optional features include a pour-in pan for new construction, under-deck support for three-wheel lift truck applications, and side and rear weather seals.

Blue Giant is a global leader in dock equipment, including hydraulic and mechanical dock levelers, vertical storing docks, dock lifts, lift tables, dock safety systems, and dock seals and shelters.

For more information on Blue Giant go to Or contact Steve Greco at 800-668-7078 or [email protected].

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