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Marking Systems

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. - Phoenix Contact introduces two new additions to its Marking system line. The new THERMOMARK W2 thermal transfer printer simultaneously prints on both sides of Phoenix Contact endless shrink sleeves. Additionally, new UniCard marking card options make the BLUEMARK printer compatible with a wider range of terminal blocks.

Featuring two printheads, the THERMOMARK W2 prints double-sided, 300-dpi shrink sleeves at speeds of up to two inches per second. The printer software allows users to dictate the overall length of the marking sleeve, reducing waste and lowering material costs by up to 30 percent. A specially engineered cutter perforates or cuts each sleeve where specified.

The BLUEMARK printer's newest materials - the UC1 and UC2 series UniCards - are designed to snap into Weidmuller, Allen-Bradley and Wago terminal blocks. Using a liquid plastic-based ink and UV curing process, the BLUEMARK creates non-smudging markers resistant to harsh chemicals and environments. With an output of up to 10,000 markers an hour, the BLUEMARK is the fastest printer in the industry.

Both the THERMOMARK W2 and the BLUEMARK use Phoenix Contact's CLIP PROJECT advanced marking software to quickly and easily configure markers. Automatic online updates ensure the latest software features are always available.

Molly McGowan
717-944-1300 x3721
Email: [email protected]

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