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Master Rolling Resistance

Master Rolling Resistance

The NuStar Super Power Pusher pedestrian-operated, battery-powered pusher can push, pull and maneuver heavy industrial loads on wheels and uses its own modular range of attachments for handling rolling loads up to 150,000 lbs., or those with high rolling resistance.

It allows one person to move wheeled loads weighing up to 150,000 lbs. up a 5% grade without lift trucks or other more expensive ride-on equipment. It increases productivity by reducing the number of employees needed to move heavy objects. It also creates a safer work environment by reducing the risk of injury and by keeping the load under control.

The Super Power Pusher has variable speed with soft touch control. It has automatic braking and is anti-runaway. A 3-stage, 3 x 15 amp output, 110v or 240v charger is built in. Simply plug it in to recharge the three batteries. The programmable control system lets the operator set acceleration/deceleration limits. The transaxle design lets the unit operate smoothly on uneven surfaces, indoors or out.

NuStar, Inc.

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