Material Pullers

Minneapolis, MN - Load Mover Inc., has developed a product line of battery powered, walk-along units that push or pulls heavy loads on wheels. Each product was designed to be safer, smarter, and stronger than traditional methods of moving product. With labor costs increasing, a skilled labor pool shrinking, and the high cost of injuries and accidents have all caused companies to rethink how product is moved throughout industrial environment.

"Trailers, cars, food carts, production floor material carts, machinery and aircraft are just a few of the items that can be moved efficiently by our Load Mover Products". Said Gary Cable, President of Load Movers Inc. "We offer different size pullers for different needs. We believe that these products are a much safer and more efficient than the typical fork lifts trucks that are used in many cases."

Load Mover Inc. will make it easy for a single warehouse employee to push or pull heavy loads around the warehouse in a safe and timely fashion. This allows product to move at the right time and in the proper quantity to optimize production efficiency.

Contact Information
Tom McLain
Load Mover Incorporated

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