Matrics RFID Tags Bear European CE Mark

Matrics Inc., Columbia, Md., announced its RFID tags and readers have successfully completed testing and are compliant with the European CE mark.

European CE marking for radio apparatus requires compliance with the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive. Compliance with the directive requires conformance with three essential requirements, which include ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) 300-220 (Short Range Devices, 25MHz to 1,000 MHz), ETSI 301-489 (Electromagnetic Compatibility), and EN 60950 (Safety of Information Technology Equipment).

"Successfully completing the requirements necessary for European certification demonstrates Matrics' continuing commitment to the international advancement of EPC-compliant RFID technology," said Piyush Sodha, Matrics CEO and president. "We are pleased to be responding to the evolving demands for high-performance, low-cost RFID systems and will continue to meet the needs of our customers worldwide."

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