MDR Docksider

Simplex Conveyor LLC of Murrieta, CA has introduced the MDR Docksider, the first Motor Driven Roller single stage extendable conveyor specifiaclly designed for, but not limited to, the high throughput environment of the Package Handling Industry. The Docksider design features an exclusive patent pending "Continuous Roller Surface" that allows the conveyor to be reversible.

The Docksiders are available in 6'-6" & 9'-0 extensions with BF dimensions up to 48" and speeds to 328 fpm. And, the same Holjeron 24V DC High Torque MDR is used in all applications. The simple design and small number of mechanical components make it possible to deliver non-standard units in about the same time while helping to keep spare parts to a minimun.

The All Purpose Docksider combines the versatility of a belted conveyor with the features of the standard Docksider. This unit has a 5' long belted entry section and the remaining rollers can be coated (optional).

Dual Operator Controls and Reversing are standard on all Docksiders. The DOC feature allows an operator to start, stop, reverse direction and extend or retract the extendable section on either side of the unit, eliminating the need for LH or RH specific units.

All Docksiders are shipped ready to run once positioned and anchored, by merely plugging it into any 110V AC power supply. And, being a self contained 110 volt plug-in unit, can be adapted to be fully portable for use at more than one location.

Docksider options include a 2 Roller Transfer, Slider Section Side Guards, Roller brake, Coated Rollers, Run on Demand and Heavier Gauge Rollers.

Simplex Conveyor LLC
29603 Serenity Lane
Murrieta, CA 92563
Phone: 951-461-1354
Fax: 951-696-5514

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