The MegaSYS™ CLEAN automated storage and retrieval system from MegaStar Systems is designed to provide material handling manufacturers with easily accessible, high density storage in controlled constant temperature and pressure of items in clean room applications.

The MegaSYS CLEAN system offers storage for items in clean room classes from 1000 to 100,000 at a constant temperature of ± 1° C (33.8° F). Items can be stored at positive or negative pressure to help prevent contamination.

It is available in two configurations, the MegaSYS CLEAN Vertical Lift Module (VLM) and the MegaSYS CLEAN vertical carousel. The MegaSYS CLEAN VLM is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays, an ergonomically designed extraction platform, and computerized controls. Items are automatically brought to the operator, eliminating wasted walk and search time. The MegaSYS CLEAN vertical carousel is a system of vertically rotating shelves that move up and down along a tracking guide. Ergonomic design allows items to be delivered at an efficiently positioned work counter within the user’s easy reach, minimizing bending, reaching and lifting.

By taking advantage of unused overhead space, both systems significantly reduce the amount of space required for storage when compared with traditional shelving and racks. Both units can be used in conjunction with conveyors, robotic workstations, and AGVs for a fully automated logistics operation.

The MegaSYS CLEAN is equipped with MegaPic Material Management Software (MMS). MegaPic software provides complete inventory control plus improved levels of productivity, inventory turns, picking accuracy, and security. Operators enter or scan a part number or description into the system and have the stored items automatically delivered to them. MegaPic MMS includes basic bar code capabilities, cycle counting, a pick list module, and a kitting module.

For more information on the MegaSYS CLEAN vertical storage and retrieval system for clean room applications, call 800-639-5805 or visit the MegaStar Systems web site at

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