Mettler Toledo Lift Truck Scale

Mettler Toledo Lift Truck Scale

Mettler Toledo introduces the VFS220 on-board lift truck scale, which allows users to obtain accurate weight readings without transporting loads to and from the scale.

Used as an aftermarket add-on to any Class 2 lift truck, the VFS220 has two components: a scale carriage installed between the lift bracket and forks, and a scale controller mounted on the head guard.

The moving scale carriage communicates with the controller by radio signal, and the center of the carriage is open, providing high visibility for the lift truck operator. A touch-screen interface allows the operator to complete a variety of weighing transactions in a few steps, according to Mettler Toledo. Available weighing tasks include: gross weighing, net weighing with push-button tare, net weighing with keyboard tare, accumulating gross weights, accumulating net weights, less-than-truckload transactions, multiple transaction storage and counting.

With a wireless network adapter, the scale controller can transmit data instantly to a wireless local area network. The PC card adapter uses standard Wi-Fi protocol, and the controller is compatible with printers, barcode scanners and RFID tag readers.

Mettler Toledo

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