MHEDA's DiSC Survey Results

New in 2005 is the revised DiSC Report that has been streamlined to focus more on what you want to know, making the results more relevant than ever before.

The DiSC Report will help your company reach its full profit potential by providing detailed financial results of material handling distributor firms based on income statement, balance sheet and operating data provided by members.

The results are organized into several sections and reported in a way to assist management in specific areas:

• Executive Summary - an overview of the results;

• Detailed Results - in-depth report on return on investments, income statement, balance sheet, financial ratios and productivity ratios;

• Line of Business Analysis - results from two primary business categories;

• Regional Analysis - member's performance review by region;

• Trend Analysis - reviews how performance has changed over time.

If you're interested in learning more, contact MHEDA at

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