MHIA Announces Plans For RFID Presentation Area At ProMat2005

As industry gears up to respond to the January 2005 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) deployment mandated by Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense, Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) announces plans for a special RFID Presentation Area at ProMat 2005.

Backed by its international reputation, and with the partnership of RFID industry leaders, ProMat 2005 will be at the forefront of providing responsible education and well-planned and broad application of RFID. D-day for RFID appears to be January of 2005, but the real impact will come later as the value proposition for all supply chain partners becomes better understood and the focus on deployment spreads up and down supply chains throughout the economy. This cannot occur without a great deal of education and careful planning.

The ProMat RFID Presentation Area will consist of approximately 25,000 square feet near the center of the ProMat 2005 show floor. The Area will showcase state-of-the-art RFID applications, capabilities and their implementation considerations. The area will include a theater pavilion for RFID multi-media presentations and display space immediately adjacent to the theater for the program sponsors and partners.

Any ProMat 2005 exhibitor with a paid company booth can be associated with the special RFID Presentation Area by becoming a sponsor. Only RFID sponsors will have a presence in this special area of the ProMat show floor.

For more information on the RFID Presentation area at ProMat 2005, visit or contact Robin Moody or Tom Carbott at 800-345-1815/704-676-1190.

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