MH&L Exclusive 2011 Salary Survey

MH&L Exclusive 2011 Salary Survey

The typical material handling and logistics manager is a white male, between 50-59 years old, has worked in the material handling and logistics industry for more than 25 years, lives and works in the Midwest, has a bachelor's degree, works for a wholesaler/distributor, received no bonus in 2010, and earns $81,016.

But as you’ll see in this special report, there’s nothing “typical” about the people who devote their careers to material handling and logistics.

Although the MH&L 2011 Salary Survey offers plenty of statistics, data can only paint a partial portrait. This exclusive report goes further, revealing the exact words of material handling and logistics managers as they reflect on their challenges, frustrations and accomplishments.

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It’s Not All About the Money

MH&L’s exclusive 2011 Salary Survey finds that the average salary for material handling and logistics managers increased barely 1% from the previous year.

MH&L’s 2011 Salary Survey Comments

For many material handling and logistics managers, maintaining the status quo in 2010 was a step up from the recession years.

MH&L Online Salary Survey Charts and Tables – A look at the numbers

The data behind the 2011 MH&L Salary Survey

Prime the Pipeline for the Next Generation of Supply Chain Professionals

High-demand supply chain positions carry a greater expectation for professionals entering the field, putting a higher premium on education and on-the-job training.

Multiple Talents, One Hire

To get the most out of a workforce, it helps if each worker is multi-talented. They'll build the bridge to your company's future.

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