Micro Rapid IN-Feeder

The Micro Rapid IN-Feeder demonstrates an exceptional feed rate of 12,000 inserts per hour, depending on the size of the material. The feeder is also equipped with variable speed capability and offers precision placement of product. Micro Rapid IN-Feeder supports a variety of materials including catalogs, paper, coupons, phone cards, credit cards and others with a load capacity up to 24” high.

PSI feeders are designed to intelligently insert material into a carton or tote or directly on a product as it passes on the conveyor. By automating this traditionally manual task, employee time can be reallocated to more critical jobs resulting in significant labor savings and highly accurate results, free of human error.

The flexibility of a PSI feeder makes it the ideal choice when considering automation. Micro Rapid IN-Feeder offers adjustable height mounting to match the height of conveyor systems. The feeder can easily be integrated into existing systems or customized to meet special requirements. Another advantage to the Micro Rapid IN-Feeder is easy set-up and low maintenance. Whatever product you are feeding, PSI can provide an automated feeding solution for the application.

PSI, the Experts in Document and Order Fulfillment Solutions, manufactures automated packaging, printing and feeding solutions. PSI also develops custom products to suit individual customer needs, as well as integrates PSI products into existing customer lines. For further information please call 905-858-3600 or visit www.psiengineering.com.

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