CLEVELAND, OH – ShieldMark, Inc. introduces the new MightyLine (www.mightyline.net) diagonally striped safety tapes in black and red. The black diagonal stripe comes on white or yellow tape in 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” widths. The red diagonal stripe comes on white tape in 2”, 3” and 4” widths. Both the black and red diagonal safety stripe tapes are extremely scratch, smear and light solvent resistant.

For free samples of MightyLine products, call 800-714-9980 or email [email protected].

ShieldMark’s line of durable striping products is a superior and economical alternative to stripe painting. Easily installed and maintained, the MightyLine aisle striping system is made from a tough durable polymer and has a pressure sensitive adhesive backing and is designed for years of use.

MightyLine’s patent pending system features an “Easy-On Applicator” with an adjustable laser and true-tracking construction. The applicator, which may be purchased or rented, can install 1,500 feet of durable striping in an hour or less, making it more cost effective than painting, since re-striping is done more quickly and less often.

MightyLine is available in seven standard colors – red, white, blue, black, yellow, orange and green – and can be matched to any company’s colors with a 24-roll order. MightyLine also comes in two-tone floor lines – a solid color with a second color center stripe, as in a hatch-mark design. These two-tone lines brighten up and improve the visual appearance of any facility. MightyLine safety warning tape is also available in yellow or white with diagonal black hatch-marks.

MightyGlow™ features a luminescent ½ inch line centered on a four-inch-wide MightyLine that glows in the dark in the event of a power outage.

Both MightyLine and MightyGlow are produced in 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” widths on 100’ rolls.

With no smelly fumes, messy paint or drying time, MightyLine features the easiest installation of any striping product on the market – simply clean the installation area, apply with the “Easy-on Applicator” and it’s ready to use. Also, it can be quickly removed and reconfigured without leaving any residue behind.

MightyLine comes with a three year limited warranty and, for special orders, is available with an acrylic adhesive for cold, wet environments and in 165’ rolls for quicker installation at large facilities.

MightyLine is manufactured by Cleveland-based ShieldMark, Inc.

For more information contact Philip Barr at 216-774-9274 or [email protected].

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