Miles Technologies Named Intermec RFID Authorized Partner

Intermec Technologies Corp. has named Miles Technologies Inc. an Intermec RFID Authorized Partner. Miles Technologies, already an Intermec Honors Partner, will work directly with Intermec to help customers develop comprehensive plans for adding RFID capabilities to their supply chain operations.

RFID Authorized Partners complete a rigorous qualification and training process that authorizes them to resell Intermec RFID products and services and to specify Intermec RFID solutions.

Miles Technologies has more than 20 years of experience providing and integrating bar code and RFID solutions for government agencies and businesses. Miles offers RFID hardware, software, RFID tags and the custom software integration necessary to successfully implement RFID systems. RFID, a complement to current bar code-based tracking systems, allows companies to automatically track inventory throughout an entire supply chain.

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