Redwood City, California - FP International’s new MINI PAK’R™ Air Cushion Machine is now available for purchase online at

The small MINI PAK’R machine inflates six different films, producing air cushions, bubble and void fill as needed while eliminating the handling and storage of traditional bubble and loose fill packaging.

It’s easy to operate since the 13 pound machine “reads” an RDID tag in the film roll and automatically sets the air fill amount and seal temperature. Simply select one of the six MINI PAK’R film choices, load the film and make cushioning.

The MINI PAK’R machine offers the small shipper the advantages long-enjoyed by large industrial shippers, superior product protection, ease of operation and cost-savings. The MINI PAK’R machine’s film choices offer the superior cushioning protection of NOVUS® films and the reliable void fill of CELL-O® films.

The MINI PAK’R machine is a valuable addition to an existing pack station. It fits a pack table or can be mounted to any wall surface saving more space.

The MINI PAK’R machine is available for purchase on the company’s web site,

For more information, contact:
Virginia Lyle
[email protected]

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