MiniSafe Flexible MSF4700

MiniSafe Flexible MSF4700

FREMONT, CA – Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces the MiniSafe Flexible MSF4700 family of safety light curtains. The rugged MSF4700 is engineered to withstand high shock and vibration environments typical of punch presses and other heavy industrial machinery. Their multi-segmented design allows them to protect up to four different openings by connecting up to four 35mm x 50mm housings in sequence.

Protected heights from 150mm to 1800mm and resolutions of 14mm, 20mm, and 30mm are available, with any combination thereof being possible. This ability to customize height and resolution for each light curtain segment allows for a true custom fit to the specific machine. For example, an application where a 14mm finger detection segment is required for the vertical plane, and a second 30mm detection segment is required to sense the presence of someone standing in a hazardous area, is now possible without having to resort to multiple machine safeguards.

Remote fixed-blanking allows for quick set up and change over for different jobs. Programming the blanking feature is easily performed at the front of the metal enclosure, or by an installer-supplied keyswitch that can be conveniently located near the workcell.

The controller is available in a 35mm DIN IP20 enclosure with 24 Vdc solid-state safety outputs. It is also available in a 14 gauge steel IP65 lockable enclosure with a choice of solid state or dry contact outputs (mechanical relays). A wide variety of quick disconnects are available for connecting the sensors, power, and safety signal.

With headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, STI was founded over 30 years ago and employs more than 350 people. STI has been selected twice by Forbes and three times by Business Week as one of the “world’s best small companies.” STI’s safety products are used to protect workers around machinery, automated equipment and industrial robots.

For more information contact: Scientific Technologies Inc., 6550 Dumbarton Circle, Fremont, CA 94555 Web site: or click below to receive your free Machine Safeguarding Guide.

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