Miro and Click Commerce Form Software Partnership

LA JOLLA, Calif./CHICAGO--Click Commerce and Miro Technologies are partnering to market aftermarket maintenance and logistics software for aerospace, defense and commercial MRO industries. Best-of-breed capabilities from each company's software suite will be further enhanced and interfaced to be compliant with respect to performance-based logistics (PBL) concepts.

"By adding more PBL specific functionality and tightly integrating our product offerings, Miro Technologies and Click Commerce will bring much-needed, defined PBL software support to a fast growing market," says Vincent Monteparte, CEO and president of Miro Technologies.

According to David Barboro, general manager of Click Commerce's Service Network Solutions division, "Our new Insight product which brings real-time performance monitoring as well as in-depth analytics ties the planning and execution areas together into a cohesive view of the PBL contract."

Supply Chain Visions (SCV), a partner with University of Tennessee, and a PBL consultancy, worked with in-house project teams from both Miro and Click Commerce in recent months to provide business process and software functionality assessments of their combined solutions and to map out strategies for a complementary PBL solution offering. A comprehensive assessment approach was employed, including a series of onsite interviews, detailed solution reviews, and follow-up workshops in La Jolla and Chicago, all linked to key PBL tenets and supporting Supply Chain Management (SCM) best practices.

The Click Commerce solution suite of Aftermarket Demand/Supply Planning and Advanced Inventory Optimization, Warehouse Management, Returns and Repairs, and Network Logistics globally optimizes the complex service network across the extended enterprise to get the right parts and assemblies, to the right maintenance base and depot, to ensure readiness of these assets at the lowest cost. Defense contractors and system integrators use Click Commerce's PBL solution to deliver operational outcomes at the lowest possible cost and investments, and to reduce the risk of inventory decisions.

Miro plans to increase the value proposition of its battle-tested GOLDesp solution by leveraging 20 plus years of experience and deep domain expertise supporting Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) and Contractor Supported Weapons Systems (CSWS) programs to create a new PBL-focused solution. The new ePBL (Extended PBL) portal will include comprehensive management dashboards, enhanced reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP) and improved analytical tools. The ePBL portal will provide visibility and accountability to PBL program managers by integrating technology, processes and people to delivery operational capability to the warfighter at reduced cost to the taxpayer.

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