MIS/MIW Escapement

Indianapolis, IN – SMC Corporation of America, the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation products, has announced the release of the MIS/MIW Escapement. The MIS/MIW Escapement is in stock in common sizes and available for immediate shipment from SMC’s distribution center in Indianapolis, IN.

The pneumatically driven escapement is ideal for separating and feeding individual parts from vibratory feeders, magazines, and hoppers. The MIW escapement is designed with an interlocking mechanism that ensures that the process of parts insertion, separation and release occurs sequentially and without jamming.

The MIW escapement has two fingers with threaded holes to mount tooling, while the MIS has one finger with threads. There are three finger variations available to accommodate a variety of tooling requirements. The escapement is designed to allow for easy mounting and adjustment of SMC’s extensive selection of position sensing switches. Axial or side air piping allows for flexibility in mounting orientation. A combination of through holes and threaded holes on the escapement body allow for easy mounting from various directions. Dowel-pin holes on the body of the escapement provide for repeatable installations.

The MIW and MIS escapements are available in five sizes to cover a wide range of allowable loads. Output forces from 7N to 563N are available. Work piece weights of up to 60kg can be accommodated. Unit weights range from 62 grams for the smallest size, up to 2650 grams for the largest size. Transfer speeds of up to 40m/min are possible. The operating ambient/fluid temperature range is -10 to 60 deg. C. Optional stroke adjusters are ideal for fine-tuning after installation. An optional scraper helps keep contaminants from damaging internal components.

The design of the unit isolates side loads from the piston and seals, which allows for long life. Escapements are designed to meet or exceed a life of 10 million operating cycles when properly used within specifications. The unit is also easy to disassemble and repair in the field when required.

SMC Corporation manufactures high quality actuators and cylinders, airline and air preparation equipment, high-purity products, instrumentation, and a host of fittings and accessories applicable to the industrial automation industry. SMC has 14 production facilities, three of which are in North America –California, Indiana, and Ontario, Canada. SMC’s global presence allows them to provide quality customer service in any part of the world.

For more information on SMC’s MIS/MIW line of escapements, request catalog ES20-163 For complete information, visit our website at www.smcusa.com

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