Mobile Computers

Mobile Computers

ATLANTA – LXE Inc., the mobile logistics business of EMS Technologies, Inc., today announced the introduction of the new MX3Plus and VX3Plus mobile computers. Built on the compact MX3X and VX3X horizontal-display platforms, the MX3Plus and VX3Plus have been fitted with state-of-the-art active-matrix displays that provide exceptional viewing both indoors and in direct sunlight.
The MX3Plus and VX3Plus are available with two specialized display options. At 350NITs, the extremely high-contrast indoor version of the new display is five times brighter than the color displays used in the MX3X and VX3X products. The new color sunlight-readable version of the display uses transflective display technology that captures the sun’s light and reflects it back to the user’s eyes to create readability in direct-sunlight applications.

“Display visibility has always been an issue outdoors in environments like container-terminals, and in warehouses that have low-light areas,” says Richard Adams, LXE’s director of Strategy and Marketing. “With the MX3Plus and VX3Plus we’ve provided a strong answer to the problem, with display options for a wide range of lighting conditions in both mobile handheld and vehicle-mounted formats.”

LXE’s MX3Plus is a compact, rugged device with a large high-brightness ½-VGA horizontal LCD screen (with optional touch-screen), full QWERTY keyboard, multiple scanning options and long-life battery for use as a handheld data collection computer. The MX3Plus can also be
mounted on a forklift in a powered cradle that allows the user to remove it instantly when handheld carrying is required.

The rugged VX3Plus is a fixed wireless vehicle-mount computer with the same high-brightness ½-VGA horizontal LCD screen and full QWERTY keyboard. It attaches firmly to forklifts, pallet jacks, carts, straddle carriers and other vehicles via a versatile RAM MountTM mounting system.

Both the MX3Plus and the VX3Plus are multimodal devices that come “voice-ready” out of the box, complete with LXE’s ToughTalkTM voice-recognition technology. ToughTalk™ technology is the specialized combination of LXE’s trademark ruggedized system design, advanced audio circuitry and noise-canceling techniques, which enables both computers to support today’s industrial-grade voice-recognition applications.

As with all of LXE’s products, both the MX3Plus and VX3Plus are “born rugged, not made rugged.” Specialized plastics absorb impacts; solid-state, industrialized electronics resist shock and vibration; and a fully ruggedized display and backlit keyboard can handle the rigors of rough industrial operations.

For more information on the MX3Plus and VX3Plus, visit:

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