Mobile Crane

New Self-Propelled Mobile Hydraulic Crane introduced by Air Technical Industries in Mentor, Ohio.

The crane has a New Triple Section Telescopic Boom for higher lift, longer reach beyond obstacles into nooks and crannies and hard to reach places where no other crane can go. The base design is very narrow enabling it to pass through doorways, isles and for travel in crowded places between other pieces of equipment.

The crane has maximum maneuverability with the capability of steering 90 degrees to either side making sharp turns around corners. The crane has infinitely variable speed control from zero to 4 miles per hour.

The functions of the crane are as follows: boom lifting and lowering, telescopic boom action in and out, optional cable winch lift and optional powered mast rotation left and right.

The crane is battery operated for clean and quiet operation. Optional battery chargers are available. All of the functions of the crane are hydraulically operated for smooth lifting.

The crane comes in a variety of capabilities from 1000 pounds to 20,000 pounds and boom lengths with lifting heights up to 35 feet.

The crane is very flexible, maneuverable and completely self sufficient in operation. It comes ready to work. No need for installation or assembly. Just use it!

It’s an ideal tool for assembly work, positioning heavy parts, machine loading, truck loading – it reaches way in, or maintenance work such as aircraft repairs, etc.

For more information, contact:
Vida Novak
Air Technical Industries
7501 Clover Ave.
Mentor, OH 44060
Ph: 440-951-5191
Fx: 440-953-9237
[email protected]

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