Mobile Powered Workstation

Mobile Powered Workstation

The RC Series Mobile Powered Workstation has on-board power to run a laptop computer, a printer, and a scanner or other device for at least eight hours of normal use. Ergonomic, economical, and compact, its small footprint (18.5” x 22”) suits it for narrow aisles and small spaces. In a receiving department, inbound products can be inspected, labeled, and rerouted at the same cart.

The upper laminated work surface is 20” x 22” with a ¼” lip on all sides. At the back of the unit is an 18” storage compartment. With a push handle, 5-inch rubber casters, and no cord trailing behind, the workstation can be moved and positioned with minimal effort. The rear (swivel) casters can be locked for stability once the unit is in place. The unit’s rechargeable battery offers integrated power. Carts are available with three battery/inverter/charger packages.

Newcastle Systems

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