Mobile Printer - RW 420

Mobile printer provided by Paragon Data Systems (Cleveland) from Zebra Technologies (Vernon Hills, Ill.) meets IP54 dust and water resistance ratings. Featuring print speeds up to 3 inches per second and a resolution of 203 dpi, the printer’s modular design allows users to connect magnetic-stripe card readers and mount it to lift trucks or delivery vehicles.

Full Release:

Cleveland, OH—Paragon Data Systems, the premier provider of bar code, RFID and data collection solutions, offers the RW 420 mobile printer from Zebra Technologies. The only mobile printer to meet IP54 dust and water resistance ratings, the RW 420 is capable of providing maximum performance in even the harshest environments. The RW 420 is ideal for every mobile printing application, including invoices, delivery receipts, services estimates, sales orders, and labels for inventory management.

In combination with the RW 420, Paragon offers convenient vehicle mounting and charging options to meet a range of mobile printing needs. The RW 420’s modular design allows the user to choose the optimum configuration, including wireless connectivity options, mag stripe card readers, and integral accessories such as vehicle mounts for fork trucks or delivery trucks.

Equipped with programmable print speeds of up to 3 ips and a tear bar for easy receipt dispensing, the RW 420 thermal printer quickly prints bar codes, text, and graphics, and has a resolution of 203 dpi. The RW 420 offers intuitive interfaces, easy loading supplies, and an angled display screen for optimum user-friendliness. Paragon can also provide the supplies and support to ensure mobile printing applications run smoothly.

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