Model 12L

This Pentalift 12L Heavy Duty Hydraulic Lift Table was designed and manufactured to assist in the repair of large Military All-Terrain Vehicles. With the Lift Table in the lowered position, the chassis of the Military ATV is positioned onto the Lift Table platform by an Overhead Crane. The chassis is then raised into position and the two Trunnions (Rotators) engage the Military ATV chassis, the Lift Table is then lowered into the pre-formed pit. The chassis is rotated into the safest, most efÞ cient position as the wheels are removed, repairs facilitated and new wheels installed. Once repaired, the Military ATV is positioned horizontally and the Lift Table raises and supports the weight of the Military ATV. Once the Trunnions dis-engage, the Lift Table is lowered, the Military ATV is driven off and back into service.

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