Model 1352

Mt. Kisco - Curtis Instruments, introduces the Model 1352 eXM Hydraulic I /O Expansion Module. This new module provides a flexible, cost effective means for integrating additional or specialized hydraulic I/O to any CANopen control system.

The new module is designed for use on equipment such as materials handling vehicles, aerial lifts, airport ground support equipment, sweeper scrubbers and construction vehicles. It will be especially beneficial to engineers looking to add proportional control of hydraulic functions to new or existing system architecture—proportional control of hydraulic functions considerably enhances the safety, productivity and efficiency of the application vehicle.

This innovative new product offers nine multipurpose I/O pins, in a rugged IP65 sealed enclosure. It allows fully configurable control of up to six proportional hydraulic valves, and provides three high-resolution analog inputs. All I/O pins can also be used as basic digital I/O, providing highly flexible functionality.

The Model 1352 utilizes a CANbus interface to allow connection to any centralized or distributed vehicle control system that uses the popular CANopen protocol, such as Curtis AC motor controllers and Curtis Vehicle System controllers.

All output drivers feature short circuit protection and there are independent hardware and software watchdog circuits for safe, reliable operation. Flashing LED’s provide fast and easy fault identification.

Curtis Instruments, Inc.
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Mount Kisco, New York 10549
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